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Nadio Granata FCIM, FHEA

About was born out of a personal curiosity to explore what exactly is AI and how to use it to do good. Then it mushroomed! 

Every day introduced me to more phenomenal apps and websites, more ethical arguments and more people needing to know more.

If the property market can be defined as …location, location, location then AI is …more, more, more!

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Where are you on the AI learning curve?
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Who is Nadio Granata FCIM, FHEA?

Founder of The AI Collective, Co-founder of the Age of Human Think Tank, award-winning Chartered Marketer, academic, author but most importantly … a father of 3 and grandfather. 

Full disclosure … I’m a huge fan of tech. I believe (swap that for ‘hope’), that technological advances have and will continue to improve our worlds … but we are certainly not there yet.

I am determined to play my part in leaving it a better place than what I was born in to. I’ve even committed to a Vow of Positivity!

So please, use this facility to source, learn and disseminate the best of AI whilst we let others get on with figuring out what to do with the rest of it!


My Mission

As a member of the AI Collective, I hereby make the following Vow of Positivity towards AI, ML and SaaS:

Belief in Potential:

I pledge to believe in the potential of Artificial Intelligence, recognizing its power to enhance human capabilities, streamline tasks, assist in research, make accurate predictions, solve complex problems, and overall, improve the quality of human life.

Constructive Criticism:

I commit to providing constructive criticism when addressing the limitations or faults of AI, focusing not only on identifying what is wrong but also on suggesting ways to improve, evolve, and make steps towards better, more efficient results.

Optimistic Outlook:

I promise to maintain an optimistic outlook towards the future of AI, acknowledging the challenges while firmly believing in our collective capacity to address, overcome, and learn from these difficulties.

Positive Reinforcement:

I will employ the principles of positive reinforcement in my AI research, rewarding ‘good’ decisions to promote beneficial behaviour in AI models while continuously learning from ‘unwanted’ results.

Promotion of Ethical AI:

I will uphold the commitment to promote AI that is beneficial to humanity, adheres to ethical guidelines, and fosters positive outcomes. This includes consistent efforts towards AI safety, robustness, transparency, fairness, and accountability.

Collaborative Mindset:

I pledge to foster a collaborative environment, valuing cooperation, mutual respect, and open-mindedness within interdisciplinary teams working on AI research and development.

Addressing Negative Aspects:

However, I also recognize that a vow of positivity does not mean ignoring the negative aspects or potential harm. Instead, I commit to:

Responsible Stewardship:
Understand and take seriously the responsibilities of AI development and usage, acknowledging that every technological advance comes with potential drawbacks and ethical concerns.

Open Dialogue:
Engage in open dialogue about the challenges and potential downsides of AI technology, realising that it’s in this honest and transparent discussion where robust solutions and advancements are often found.

Readiness to Adapt:
Be ready to adapt and modify AI models and applications as necessary when they lead to unintended or harmful outcomes, viewing these instances not as failures but as opportunities to learn and improve.

Holistic Consideration: Prioritise the well-being of society, considering the societal and individual implications of AI and taking steps to mitigate potential harm, such as job displacement or privacy issues.

I take this vow as a commitment to the power of positivity, not as a dismissal of reality, but as an essential balance to navigate the path of AI development and usage responsibly, ethically, and optimistically for the betterment of humanity.